Purple Box Day - Terms of use

Purple Box Day Trends Limited:  a company registered in Nigeria RC Number 1425401 is an e-commerce business that offers a range of gifts and experiences.

Purple Box Day Trends Limited is hereafter referred to as Purple Box Day or The Company.

These Terms and Conditions refers to the terms of use and engagement by any individual, group or organisation with Purple Box Day and apply to purchase and bookings made on the Purple Box Day website. By making a purchase or opening an account on the Company website, the customer is deemed to have read, understood and fully accepted these Terms and Conditions.


  • Gifts – physical items which could be part of a gift box or individual items

  • Experience – a type of gift which involves the Recipient taking part in an experiential service fulfilled by a Vendor Partner

  • e-Vouchers – a voucher which can be redeemed for a Gift or Experience

  • Time-bound Experience is a type of Experience which must be redeemed and booked with a period which is different to the standard validity/redemption period. Time-Bound restrictions are stated at the time of booking

  • Gift Sender – the person making the purchase of a Gift or Experience on The Company website

  • Recipient – the beneficiary of the Gift, Experience or e-Voucher. It is possible that the Gift Sender and the Recipient are the same person

  • Unique reference code – A unique code issued to the Recipient after the Gift Giver completes the purchase. This code is used to redeem the Gift, Experience or e-Voucher. This code is only redeemable through The Company website

  • Order Number – A unique code issued to the Gift Sender to confirm the transaction

  • Customer – Any user of the Purple Box Day website whether they are making a purchase or not. This includes but is not limited to Gift Senders and Recipients

  • Vendors or Vendor Partners – third party organisations who deliever the Experiences to Recipients


Gifts will be delivered to the Recipients’ address that is provided by the Gift Sender at the point of order. We will make every effort to deliver a Gift at the day/time specified by the Recipient at the time of the order. However, this cannot be guaranteed. We will inform both the Gift Sender and the Recipient of any changes to the delivery date.

For Experiences & Vouchers, the Recipient will receive a Unique Reference Code which will be required together with the name of the recipient in order to redeem an Experience or e-Voucher.

3.Loss/Theft of Unique Reference Code

Purple Box Day will not take any responsibility for any loss that may be incurred as a result of theft or misuse of the Unique Reference Code. The Company reserves the right to cancel or suspend any account and associated reference codes if fraudulent and/or inappropriate activities are suspected.


All prices and information displayed on our website are correct at the time of being published. We reserve the right to change the prices without prior notification.  In the rare event that the price or description of an experience is incorrect and this error is discovered after the Gift Sender has placed an order, we reserve the right to cancel the order and give a full refund to the Gift Sender.

Monetary equivalent cannot be offered to either the Gift Sender or to the Recipient for any Gift, Experience or e-Vouchers.

All prices are inclusive of Taxes as applicable in Nigeria.

5.Promotional Codes and Discounts

Purple Box Day regularly run promotions and discounts on its Gifts and Experiences. Where this applies, a Promotional code will be published on the Company website and/or sent directly to Customers. Promotional codes published by Purple Box Day are only redeemable on The Company website.

We reserve the right to introduce a promotion without prior notice. Similarly, promotions may be withdrawn without prior notice.

Only one valid Purple Box Day promotional code can be applied per purchase. Restrictions may also apply on the number of times each Customer can use one promotional code.

Promotional codes may not be applicable for items that are already discounted.

Promotional codes cannot be applied after a booking has been made.

The Company reserves the right to cancel or suspend any account, vouchers or bookings where fraudulent and/or inappropriate activities are suspected or where The Company terms of use are violated.

6.Cancellation, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Purple Box Day has a No-Refunds policy. However,

Gifts can be exchanged, as long as the request for an exchange is made at least 24hour prior to the scheduled delivery/collection date.

Experiences can be exchanged, as long as the request for an exchange is made within 14 days of purchase and before the Recipient confirms their booking

e-Vouchers cannot be exchanged since they can be used to redeem any Gift or Experience.

In all cases, only the Gift Sender may request for an exchange. We cannot accept an exchange requested by the Recipient.

To request for a refund the Gift Giver must send an email to Purple Box Day including the booking reference, date of booking and the new experience.

Where the value of the old experience is lower than the value of the new experience, the Gift Sender will be required to pay the difference before the exchange can be confirmed.

Where the value of the old experience is higher than the value of the new experience, Recipients account will be credited with the balance, which can be redeemed against other Experiences or Gifts.

Any unused part of a voucher will remain as credit on the Recipient’s account and can be redeemed against any Experience or Gift.

7.Vendor Cancellations

In the event that our Vendor Partner is unable to provide an experience as per the terms and descriptions defined on The Company website at the time of booking, we will offer the Gift Sender the option to exchange for another experience or a full refund.


Experiences and e-Vouchers must be redeemed within 12 months from the date of purchase, i.e. the date stated on the order confirmation email. This means that the Recipient must make a booking and the actual experience must also be taken within 12 months of purchase.

Occasionally, The Company may offer promotional “Time-bound” experiences. Any Time-Bound restrictions will be stated at the time of booking and will be clearly communicated to the Recipient. If the Recipient does not redeem their Experience prior to this date, the experience will be forfeited and no refunds will be offered.

9.How it works

In order to purchase a gift on The Company website, the Gift Sender must create an account. The Username and Password created at the point of registration can be used to access this account at any time.

Recipients details are also required at the time of order.

Once purchase is made, confirmation of the Purchase will be sent to the Gift Sender. The Recipient will be sent details of their Gift including instructions for redeeming the gift.

To make a booking, the recipient must also register their details on the Purple Box Day website or log-in if they already have an account.

The Recipient will use the Unique Reference Code to redeem their experience and confirm the date and time of their booking. Once the booking is confirmed, the Recipient will receive a Booking Confirmation with details of their Experience including venue and contact details. Once the booking is confirmed, it cannot be changed.


Where restrictions apply to an Experience or Gift, such restrictions will be clearly stated as part of the Product Description on The Company website e.g. minimum age requirements. Once a booking is confirmed, the Recipient may not be able to cancel if these restrictions cannot be met.

11.Product & Experience Description

Purple Box Day makes every effort to ensure that the description of Gifts and Experiences provided on The Company website are accurate and correctly reflect the Gift or Experience. However,

  • Images used may be generic and provided for indicative purposes only. Images may therefore not reflect the specific Experience or Gift.
  • Party size specified as part of the product description defines the number of people included within the purchased Experience. To increase the party size, the Gift Sender/Recipient is advised to book multiple quantities of the same Experience. Additional parties will not be permitted into a booking without a valid booking.
  • An Experience may involve a larger group which is larger than the Party Size. The Company does not have any control over the selection of other members of this group.
  • The actual duration of Experiences may vary slightly from that stated in the Product Description on The Company website. This is particularly likely where there is a larger group taking part in the Experience.
  • The Recipient is advised to arrive at the Experience location on time and ideally 30 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. This is to allow for administrative processing prior to starting the Experience. Where a Recipient arrives late for an Experience, The Company and/or Vendor cannot guarantee that the Recipient will be able to enjoy the full services detailed within the Product Description on The Company website. For certain Experiences, the Vendor arranges transport as part of an Experience. if the Recipient arrives late and misses this transport, the Recipient will be required to make their own arrangements to join the Experience. In the event that the Recipient is unable to make such arrangements and therefore unable to participate in the Experience, all fees paid will be forfeited.
  • The days & times when each Experience is available for redemption are specified on the Product Description on The Company website. It is possible that an Experience may not be available on a specific date preferred by the Gift Giver or Recipient. We recommend that Recipients do not make arrangements irelating to an Experience until they receive a confirmation from The Company.

12.Feedback and Complaints

Purple Box Day aims to give 100% Customer Satisfaction. We would like to hear from you in the event that we fall short of this objective. If you have any complaints or problems relating to our website, kindly contact us directly (see contact details on our website).

If there are any issues whilst taking an Experience, we advise that the Recipient raises such issues with the Vendor Partner. Kindly note the name and roles of the Vendor Partner representative. We hope that our Vendor Partner will be able to resolve the matter immediately. If you remain unsatisfied with the response from the Vendor Partner, the Recipient is advised to contact the Company with details of the complaints immediately. The message should include the date of the Experience, Name of the Vendor Partner and the reason for the complaint. The Company is unable to action any complaint that is not reported to the Vendor Partner in the first instance.


The text, descriptions, images and all other information included in the Purple Box Day Website and any other media are protected by copyright and must not be copied in whole or in part without the express permission of Purple Box Day.

14.Other Terms and Conditions

Where purchase is made on e-commerce partner sites such as Jumia or SME MarketHub, the terms and conditions stated on those partner sites will apply.

Separate terms may also be applied by our Vendor Partners. Where applicable, such terms will be highlighted on the Product Description of The Company website. Once a booking has been made, we advise recipients to review terms of Vendor Partners.


Terms and Conditions